Performance-boosting HPC Accelerator, Gear up for the Future of Computing

  • - An All-in-one Solution
  • - Right Configuration to Meet Needs
  • - Faster than Ever


Hyperscale Data Center

High Performance Computing

AI and Machine Learning

An All-in-one Solution

Designed with performance-driven features, the HPC accelerator extends PCIe Gen4 connectivity with 16 PCIe x16 slots, allowing you to install many add-in-cards in one chassis to get ready for tomorrow’s AI and HPC.

Right Configuration to Meet Needs

This highly flexible HPC accelerator supports multiple configurations of PCIe devices, such as graphic cards, FPGA acceleration cards and SSD cards, meeting challenging demands of a variety of applications and maximizing application performance.

Faster than Ever

Purpose-built for accelerating AI/HPC applications, the chassis can be equipped with up to 4 high-bandwidth NICs, along with its innovative hardware design, guaranteeing faster result for business to make timely decisions.