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Energy-Saving Technology

Ingrasys advanced cooling solution helps reduce overall data center power consumption.

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Digital Manufacturing Service

Our AI-Based DMS comes along with various applications, turning manufacturing into the smart level.

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Composable Infrastructure

Ingrasys implements Composable HCI to achieve both high performance with flexibility and a software-defined architecture.

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HPC Powered by AMD EPYC™

Ingrasys partners with AMD, offering the innovative HPC products for your data centers and data-intensive workloads.

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Our Vision

Ingrasys has more than 2000 employees worldwide, including engineers, manufacturing team , sales & marketing, and business development.

Our end-to-end service covers everything from research design to manufacturing, as well as comprehensive business development.

Without boundaries, we aim to deliver services to every corner of the world and change the way people live and work.

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At Ingrasys, we insist on the greatest. We are the leading cloud infrastructure solution provider, as well as your global trustworthy partner.

Next Generation Servers

Our modular design concept re-defines the next generation IT solution offerings.

Ingrasys Sustainability

Digital technology for green development, advocate to build a sustainable world.

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