Advanced Cooling Solution

Ingrasys is developing advanced cooling systems to reduce overall data center power consumption.

Conserve Energy to
Preserve Future

Energy conservation is a major topic on industrial activities. By enhancing the power usage efficiency, we can provide our next generation in a peace of mind.

We Commit to Provide Environment-Friendly Solutions

Advanced cooling solution will become the key technology with the increasing power consumption of chips. For higher power demand, Ingrasys offers the rack-level liquid cooling solution and immersion cooling solution to lower power usage effectiveness.

Rack-Level Liquid Cooling

The rack-level liquid cooling can meet your requirements whether your facility is traditional air cooled or liquid plumbing. Ingrasys integrates the direct-contact liquid cooling modules, manifold, coolant distribution unit (CDU) / reservoir pumping unit (RPU), and rear door heat exchanger (RDHx) with our high performance computing servers to provide a customized total solution that satisfies your needs.

Immersion Cooling

In the immersion cooling system, all electronic components are submerged into a tank filled with dielectric liquid. This allows faster heat dissipation and supports higher computing power density than air cooling.

Solutions for Data Center

Power Density

The chip power is restricted by traditional air cooling solution due to the poor thermophysical property of air. With our advanced cooling solutions, we aim to support higher power demand.


PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is the ratio of the total amount of energy used by data center facility. Our solution provides dominantly low PUE.

Easy Maintenance

Blind mate design enables the front-side service of all the gears in the rack, including hot-swappable fans, pumps, and PSUs of RPU/ CDU.

Space Utilization

Advanced liquid cooling allows the facility to use existing data center space more efficient and eliminate the need for new constructions or expansions. Besides, it is also suitable for edge applications where physical space is limited.