Composable Infrastructure Solution

A software-defined approach to optimize
server resource deployment and management.

Data Center Encounters Challenges

Diversity of Applications

The applications and workloads are well diversify that the need of a flexible architecture and a correct system became the new trend.

Lack of Management Efficiency

The lack of management efficiency decreases the ability of IT infrastructure to support business demands.

Resource Overprovisioning

Enterprises are over spending IT resources to meet peak demands. However, the system is idle most of the time due to lack of utilization.

Ingrasys provides

Composable Infrastructure Solution

Ingrasys Composable HCI soltuion disaggregates hardware components into large functional resource pools. Then through our self-developed management software, CDI director, you can dynamically allocate required hardware resources on-the-fly according to your workloads.

CDI Director can manage all EBOF drives and JBOG devices. Users can attach EBOF drive or JBOG device to specific server.

Ingrasys Composable Infrastructure Solution is all about delivering greater productivity and agility to satisfy the diversity of workload requirements.


Maximize Resources Utilization

Composable HCI nables the possibility of providing resources on demand, and then releasing resources to support another workload.

High Availability (HA)

High availability (HA) eliminates a single point of failure and automatically failover to redundant components to minimize downtime.

Enhance Management Efficiency

Users can easily scale up or down server nodes on-the-fly via CDI Director without changing the underlying architecture.

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

With efficent resource usage, Composable HCI avoids over provisioning without performance compromise.






CDI-Support Products


  • 4 Nodes
  • 8 x 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™
  • 64 x DIMMs
  • 12/24 x 2.5"/3.5" Drives
  • 2U

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  • 8 x 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™
  • 32 x DIMMs
  • 26 x 2.5" Drives
  • 2U

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  • 16 x PCIe Gen4 x16 Slots
  • 2+1 x 2400W Redundant PSU
  • 3U

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  • Marvell® Prestera® 98EX5630 Ethernet Switch
  • 24 x U.2/E3.S SSDs or 48 x E1.S SSDs
  • 12 x 200GbE QSFP56 Ports
  • 2U

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